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Peering Policy

API Digital peers openly and aggressively at each exchange point to which we connect, which presently includes:

API Digital Huntsville, AL
Telx Chicago, IL
TelX Atlanta, GA

If you would like to peer with API Digital, please contact peering@api-digital.com and provide the following information:

Organization name and description
Technical contact information
NOC contact information
BGP speaker IPv4 address
BGP speaker IPv6 address
AS number
Number of prefixes you will be sending

  • We can currently only peer in Huntsville, Atlanta and Chicago.
  • We can use BGP authentication keys if required, but no authentication is preferred.
  • We require that peers announce the same routing policy at all points where they peer with us, unless other arrangements are made.
  • Peers must agree to actively cooperate chasing security violations, denial of service attacks, and similar incidents.
  • Peers must not abuse the peering relationship by doing any of the following non exhaustive list: pointing default, resetting next hop, selling or giving next hop to others, sending prefixes longer than /24, and so forth.
  • We reserve the right to temporarily suspend peering if it is determined to be causing harm to the API Digital network. Peering may resume once the problem is resolved.
  • We reserve the right to not peer with anyone as we see fit and to terminate any peering at any time.