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The Secret to Our Success

TAQ Strategy Meeting

The Secret Behind What We Do

We do what is best for our clients and their customers by utilizing the knowledge and capabilities of our people. Our goal is to get it right every time. Our job is to make it look easy. Here is how we work:
  1. We live by our process and procedure. Documentation is critical for us to accomplish our mission. No one can remember everything, so we write it all down in an easy to follow format to help you serve our clients and our clients' customers quickly and easily.
  2. We support our team members. Our entire team is made up of people with diverse skills and abilities. It is important that we bring each other along to develop better ways of doing things, both individually and as a team.
  3. We make stuff better. Our clients and their customers rely on us to improve their processes, create efficiencies and perform the work better than anyone. It is important that we work together to make this happen.
Our comprehensive operations process documentation is ground zero for all the process and procedure that we use to do our job, correctly and efficiently.

TAQ Team

The Training, Assimilation and Quality (TAQ) Team is owner of the API Digital Way of Doing Things. As the owners of the process, our job is to create, improve and preserve the most efficient and effective ways of getting the job done. Here is how we operate:
  • Own the API Digital Way of Doing Things
  • Assimilate and Document
  • Test and Improve
  • Inspect Process
  • Replicate Success
  • Train the Team
  • Repeat
The TAQ Team is made up of 4 permanent members with ad-hoc members from around the organization.