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NAIX - North Alabama Internet Exchange

In 2002, API Digital, the City of Huntsville and Huntsville Utilities came together to form what was then a unique public/private partnership. We created Alabama's first Internet exchange. We felt that if Huntsville was to continue as a center for science and technology, that the City should have access to network resources that would match our reputation. API Digital worked out an agreement with both entities that allowed access to our network and peers in the spirit of cooperation to grow our community. 

With a handful of peers in our facility, this became the start of the North Alabama Internet Exchange (NAIX). And yes, we thought of Huntsville Internet Exchange, but the idea of naming our center HIX just didn't sound right. We all agreed that we should stick with a more solid acronym.

Building the peering base was difficult because at that time, no one saw a reason to peer in Huntsville. Our city was off the beaten path for service providers, so we decided to build our own peering fabric. That has all changed. Today, API Digital brings bandwidth and over 200 peers to the table. In addition, we offer access to hundreds of other providers via our Chicago and Atlanta connections.

Speeds: 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps

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