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Integrator turning up new servers

As the name implies, a Value Added Reseller (VAR) or Integrator was originally established to Plan, Design and Implement hardware and software technology solutions for its customers. Two things have shifted in the market over the last 10 years, requiring a more comprehensive strategy. 

First, as solutions have become more complex, the customer’s staff is unable to adequately support the as-built configuration. As a result, the customer requires ongoing support services from the manufacturer and the VAR/Integrator. The thought process is reasonable: who knows the solution better than the one who designed and implemented it? Second, the drive for more comprehensive services has further commoditized the hardware and software marketplace, making it increasingly difficult for a VAR/Integrator to earn healthy profit margins. 

To treat the symptoms of these challenges, third parties and even the manufacturers have developed more hardware and software tools that intend to bridge the gap of customer expectation and VAR/Integrator capabilities. The problem with these Managed Services products is that the model still requires staff to watch, respond and act upon a problem. In addition, a VAR’s entire business model is built around a cash flow model of fulfillment, not supporting the burden of recurring services. Attempting to blend the two financially and organizationally is difficult. The model usually breaks the bank and overloads human resources, as the VAR attempts to scale. 

API Digital is a different kind of Managed Services Provider. We leverage our experience from supporting large carriers by bring that same level of urgency and attention to enterprises who have critical 24 x 7 x 365 business requirements. API Digital is not a product reseller. Instead, we invest in people and process to provide our services. While technology, systems and management tools may change, the high quality of our support will not. 

Our services are built to complement your customers where they are, not from a recipe card. As such, our solutions are crafted individually to meet their business enterprise needs. Finally, we are purpose-built to white label our services on behalf of the VAR/Integrator, bringing consistency to your customers’ experience. 

Contact us if you would like to learn more about providing quality support services along with your implementations. Services that are backed by real people with the expertise needed and expected by your business customers. 

Core Services (4): Data Center  End-User Support  Network Operations Center  Operations Support