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Solving a problem in a corporate data center

In his book, Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore describes a company’s efforts as being either core or context. Activities that provide sustainable differentiation in the marketplace are defined as core. All other activities, even many critical operations, are considered context. 

Today's business enterprise fights an uphill battle. The development of product or services relies on an increasingly complex technology infrastructure that is both necessary and burdensome. By attempting to internally support the entirety of this technology, valuable financial, human and other resources are expended to perform a function that ultimately falls outside the enterprise’s core customer value. In response to this challenge, enterprises often outsource proprietary development and other critical core functions, while tasking internal resources to support mundane efforts that have little impact on the bottom line. The result is an investment in important context rather than critical core. 

By employing API Digital’s Managed Services, enterprises can realign internal resources, training and expertise toward company-specific projects while outsourcing responsibility for the inevitable hum of technical issues and unproductive distractions. The Result? Investment is restored in core, without ignoring important context.

To understand how API Digital will best complement your enterprise’s efforts, contact us and an API Digital Account Representative will assist you in taking the first steps toward increased focus and productivity.

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