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Huntsville Data Center

Early in our history, we were fortunate enough to become the first and only carrier-neutral colocation facility in Huntsville, Alabama. Fifteen years have gone by since the first fiber providers placed conduit on the property. 

Huntsville is known as a center for science and technology. Now, we are well on our way to becoming a major network infrastructure meet point int the Southeast. Because of the great spirit of cooperation between public and private entities, we skipped gig and became a 100-Gig City, overnight. Ground-breaking work by the City of Huntsville, Huntsville Utilities and the surrounding communities has already been completed to make it easy to build fiber and light this place up.

Our facility is conveniently located right in the middle of it all. The API Digital Data Center in Huntsville has more diverse fiber providers than any other facility in a 100-mile radius. Terabits of transport happens at our place every second.

Our fiber optic transport partners include...

Iris Transport - multiple diverse routes
Earthlink Carrier - multiple diverse routes
Zayo - multiple diverse routes
Southern Light - multiple diverse routes
Wow - multiple diverse routes
CenturyLink - multiple diverse routes
Huntsville Utilities - multiple diverse routes
ATT - single route

We are also directly connected to our Data Center locations in Atlanta and Chicago. Without installing any fiber, you can buy bandwidth or join our North Alabama Internet Exchange to trade traffic with over 200 national peers.

If you have the need to terminate fiber in Huntsville, Alabama, our place is the place to be. Contact us  to find out how you can cross-connect with our fiber providers or build in to our facility.