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Network Operations Center

Watching, responding and resolving

As technology advances at lightning speed, many elements of technology management are left behind. Network and systems monitoring is a great example of this problem. More often than not, a software tool is employed to “watch” the network, using its programmed ability to correlate, analyze and escalate an event according to preset thresholds. The automated escalation is then sent to an on-call engineer who is also tasked with new product development or other higher priority initiatives. That engineer, assigned to respond in the middle of the night, determines whether the alarm is false or real, then contemplates what next steps should be taken. Issues that go undetected by the monitoring tools result in an 8:00 AM emergency once systems are discovered to be down.

API Digital has built a better monitoring solution. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) employs a variety of proprietary and commercially available tools, but backs them with live technical personnel 24 x 7 x 365. The tools are constantly maximized to identify potential issues, with multiple thresholds set for automated escalation actions. However, it is human action that ultimately resolves the problem. Our team is trained specifically to provide intelligence in correlation and analysis that software simply cannot. 

When an event occurs, the API Digital NOC will respond to confirm its legitimacy. Working beyond a simple response, our team will then provide troubleshooting to determine the root cause, and escalate appropriately. If a circuit is down, a carrier can be engaged. If hardware fails, a manufacturer’s support team is contacted. All without disturbing you as a client. When appropriate, and as defined by your staff, we will engage your team in the resolution process. Regardless, our mission is to minimize the impact to IT operations and maximize business continuity.

Our NOC also serves as an overlay to our other services, in order to provide better visibility into the network operations, reduce problem resolution time and ensure end-user satisfaction. When used in conjunction with our End-User support services, the API Digital CSG team continuously feeds call trends to the NOC, to provide additional information that may lead to the root cause of more wide-spread issues.

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