DevOps Engineering

Problem solvers at work

With the increasing trend toward Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization, engineering teams no longer live in a tidy network-specific or systems-specific environment. Today, IT Engineering must view the two environments as one infrastructure, recognizing that changes in network architecture will directly and immediately affect the systems. Similarly, changes in systems architecture will now almost always have an impact on the network.

Building, growing and operating a high availability infrastructure is more of a challenge than ever. To support both service provider and enterprise clients, API Digital employs a purpose-built DevOps team, combining networking and systems engineering disciplines to provide a more holistic and complete means of designing, implementing and supporting our clients' infrastructure.
  • Plan, Design, Implement and Operate Consultations
    • Carrier Networks and Systems
    • Cloud Architecture
    • Enterprise Networks
  • Reliability Improvement and Expansion Consultation
  • Network and Systems Engineering Support
  • Maintenance Window and Vendor Engagement Support
  • IT Operations Management and Maintenance
Whether you are looking for a service provider or enterprise-based solution, API Digital can help.  Contact us to find out more.