Business Process Reengineering

Problem solvers at work

To better understand your organization, API Digital has created the Operational Assessment and Support Improvement Study (OASIS). The basis of this methodology was created from many years of experience in the development of business and technology initiatives for both carriers and large enterprises.  

Through an OASIS engagement, API Digital examines current operations and support processes, compares them to a proven process improvement model, then develops a comprehensive report detailing our findings and recommendations. With this report, your team will gain insight into your company’s support efficiency, customer satisfaction, network outage history, and overall operational health.
  • Call volume and the exponential effect on workload
  • Network outages and repetitive events
  • Maintenance window effectiveness
  • Real support cost
  • Network architecture review
  • Organizational structure assessment
  • Customer satisfaction validation
The goal of OASIS is to transform data into information, information into insight, and insight into better technology management. Contact API Digital today to learn more about the value of OASIS for your organization.