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Operations Engineering Support

Problem solvers at work

In this Forbes articlethe author explains why IT Operations Departments have a reputation for poor customer service and low employee satisfaction. "When faced with a long list of tasks and the manic pressure to complete every request urgently, engineers find themselves plugging away instead of taking the time to understand what’s truly important to the business." It seems impossible for a team to focus on operations and new initiatives at the same time.

Today's businesses are forced to rely on an increasingly complex mix of technologies in order to operate. That means that today’s Information Technology Departments are overwhelmed with a daunting mix of operational issues, new projects, languishing service tickets and reduced resources. "The tyranny of the urgent", as coined by Charles Hummel, forces new initiatives to be constantly reprioritized, creating project and service request backlogs that never get completed.

The API Digital DevOps team members are experts in network and systems operations support, especially as it applies to end-user service delivery. Our goal is to make your operation perform better, more reliably and most importantly, easier to support. A quieter operation yields content users and satisfied end-customers.

Contact API Digital to find out how our team can provide expert operations support. With the tyranny of the urgent behind you, your team will be able to focus on the higher value projects that will propel your company to the next level.