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End-User Support

Solving end-user problems

Common end-user help desk practices assign the least knowledgeable personnel to deal with repetitive problems. This practice forces an organization to focus on individual complaints that distract from the hard work of resolving the true root cause. This line of thinking also assumes the issue originates with the end-user, potentially creating long troubleshooting sessions that don’t solve the problem.

API Digital’s approach is to deploy highly-trained personnel who not only solve the end-user's specific problem but also identify the systemic source. A permanent fix can be then applied by integrating the various elements of the solution at the point of greatest impact. From triage to assessment to resolution, API Digital's experienced end-user support staff will always strive to solve the root cause of a problem.

If an end-user calls with a problem, the API Digital CSG checks for potential issues from the supporting infrastructure all the way to the end-user demarcation point. Working in this manner allows us to rule out your equipment and infrastructure early in the support call. The goal is to reduce support call volume, decrease the need for on-site dispatch and improve end-user satisfaction.

Our Customer Support Group will build an effective, customizable support and escalation process for solving your end-user network and technology issues. The result is a quieter, more efficient way to streamline service delivery and improve customer satisfaction.

Contact API Digital to find out how we can help you build an end-user support program that meets your company's needs and exceeds your end-users' expectations.