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posted Jun 10, 2015, 2:33 PM by Scott Pell   [ updated Jun 10, 2015, 2:55 PM ]
Turns out, making videos for a company website can be easy and fun. We spent a little bit of money to give our folks the tools to make good videos. Our goal was to create a process that was polished, but allowed the use of the standard issue smart phone. This is a great way to get fantastic ideas from some of our really smart people.

In this video, I was asked to talk about FSO and MSU. We didn't post this on the main website, because if one don't understand what we mean by FSO and MSU, folks might get a little nervous.

FSO = Figure Stuff Out. We take care of some very large networks. Frequently, we run into issues that 'no one at <fill-in-vendor-here> has ever seen before.' Router bugs? We find them. BGP oddities? Every day. Redundant routing engines that lose their config? 2 days ago.

When the equipment vendor shrugs their shoulders, our clients count on us to jump in and figure it out...especially when thousands of end-users are depending on the service. Day or night, mostly night, we have to figure stuff out, when others cannot.

MSU = Make Stuff Up. Really! Back when we first started, there was no instruction booklet, no how-to manual and certainly no YouTube. Today, there is a lot more documentation, but most of it is the 'no kidding' stuff that we already know. Our business depends on solid, tested process and procedure...and we have to build it from scratch.

Need to reconfigure an Aastra or a Polycom phone to work with a MetaSwitch Hosted PBX platform? We have what to do...and what NOT to do in our documentation. In fact, everything that we figure out or make up goes into our process and procedure system. 

When you visit, make sure you ask us to show you Three Clicks. You can see a little bit of what we figure out or make up, every day.