DirecTV MDU Dealer Support

API Digital's MDU End-User Help Desk Support is specifically designed to remove the mundane, repetitive work from DirecTV MDU Dealers and Installers. This allows your team to focus on the higher value tasks and projects that are more critical to business success, like turning up new customers and new properties. Our team is highly experienced in troubleshooting and resolving end-user video, Internet and voice issues across multiple service delivery platforms, including DirecTV.

The goal is to increase first call resolution and root cause identification, thereby improving customer satisfaction, reducing call volume and eliminating unnecessary truck rolls. All at an attractive price that allows you to make money, day one.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Video, Internet and Voice End-User Support
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Service Delivery Platform diagnostics
  • Support and Dispatch ticketing
  • Back office CSR support
  • Continuous improvement scorecard system
  • Issue escalation and dispatch
  • Service Provider Email Support
Interested in how we can reduce your truck rolls? Fill out the form below or contact our DirecTV MDU Dealer Program Manager at 256-428-8717.