DDoS Response as a Service

DDoS against Service Providers is bigger and more destructive than ever. For 50 Microsoft points, a kid can call in a 1Gbps attack that only stops when the target is gone. For $1,000 USD, attackers will formulate a 10Gbps onslaught that will cause your upstream providers to shut you down. Slow response results in a bad day. No response results in a career change and loss of customers.

Rapid response combining the latest cloud-based flow capture technology with API Digital's experience people and proven processes. Our solution was built specifically for Service Providers and tested on our own Service Provider network. Our solution is an infinitely scalable model that matches your needs as well as your budget.

The API Digital DDoS as a Service option is different. Hardware appliances are expensive and limited by design. Scrubbing services make you pay a second time for your bandwidth and do not actually deal with root cause. Automated solutions run the risk of black holing critical network elements. Our solution deals with all of these issues to give you a robust, scalable solution that works for you.

The API Digital DDoS as a Service offers powerful capabilities:

  • Rapid 24 x 7 response by our Network Operations Center.
  • Human reviewed intervention and mitigation.
  • Leverage intellegence from other Service Providers.
  • Multi-vendor router support.
  • No hardware required.
  • Reasonable monthly pricing with no capital expense.
  • Easy on-boarding and deployment.
  • Proven Service Provider Industry Standard Process.
Additional Services available with DDoS as a Service:
  • BGP Peer Analysis and Reporting
  • Upstream Bandwidth Planning
  • Peer Planning and Documentation
  • Acceptable Use Policy Analysis
  • Google, Akamai and Netflix Caching Analysis